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The City of Helsinki is looking for summer workers

The application period for summer jobs at Finland's biggest employer, the City of Helsinki, has started. New employment opportunities are published during the spring. The summer cleaning project's (Siisti kesä!) summer job application period for 16–20-year-olds starts on 24 February and ends on 9 March at 04:00 PM. The same application period applies for the summer job vacancies for 16–17-year-olds. Additionally, the City-owned enterprises and, for the first time, Helsinki Biennial will hire summer help. This year, there are also positions for quality inspectors of the City’s operations. The City Divisions and municipally owned companies will hire about 4,000 summer workers in total. Most of the summer work offered require knowledge of Finnish.

Applications for the City of Helsinki summer jobs are to be submitted electronically through the City recruitment page at > Avoimet työpaikat > Kesätyöt ja kesäsijaisuudet (Finnish and Swedish only). An application deadline is shown separately at each job advertisement. Job seekers should check the site regularly, as new positions are announced almost every week during spring. Vacancies at the City-owned enterprises are applied for through each entity's own website.

Summer jobs at the City are available, for example, in care work, park maintenance, kitchen work, various office tasks and sports site maintenance as well as through positions like planning trainees and construction helpers. Students and professionals are needed especially as annual leave temps at the Social Services and Health Care Division.

Diversified range of summer jobs thanks to quality inspector positions, Helsinki Biennial and City-owned enterprises

Last year, City-owned enterprises offered a number of popular jobs, such as a summer help position at Palmia, an assistant position in financial administration at Helen, a Helsinki Help customer server agent position at Helsinki Marketing and a customer server agent position at Helsinki Zoo.

As a novelty this summer, the City hires 40 quality inspectors to observe how the goals of the City Strategy are achieved in practice. The recruitment of engineer students to the positions of team leader and evaluator of street construction sites begins on 21 January. The general recruitment for quality inspectors of services and objects begins on 24 February.

Additionally, Helsinki Art Museum HAM hires 48 summer workers as exhibition supervisors at Helsinki Biennial, an international event taking place in Vallisaari. These positions can be applied for through Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. The application period starts on 17 January.

This year, the City’s summer temp positions in care work can be applied for through Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut. The City is hiring hundreds of practical nurses, nurses and public health nurses. The positions will be open for applications in January.

This year, too, the City-owned enterprises offer hundreds of summer jobs. Palmia, which provides catering, real estate, cleaning and security services, will hire some 150 summer workers. The vacant summer jobs are, for instance, in security services, in different kinds of real estate maintenance, as well as in cleaning. Summer helps must be 16 or older and no previous work experience is required. On the other hand, persons chosen for summer temp positions should have some employment experience or experience in the field.

The Helen group offers about 70 summer jobs at the power plants as well as in maintenance, planning, and customer service and expert duties. Summer jobs are offered to students of different fields and educational levels, for an average duration of three months. There are also some summer jobs for people under the age of 18. Port of Helsinki, in turn, hires 12 summer workers in total for various office and harbour tasks as well as for the positions of service coordinators for a period of 2–4 months.

Helsinki Marketing is looking for 20 Helsinki Help travel guides to help visitors on the city streets during the summer season. In addition, about 10 summer workers will be hired to both full-time and part-time assignments of varying durations at the travel information desks in the city centre and at Helsinki Airport.

Moreover, Korkeasaaren eläintarhan säätiö (Helsinki Zoo foundation) hires about 55 summer worker for customer service, environment and facility maintenance and as zookeepers. The summer workers must be 18 years of age and sufficient education or studies are required for the zookeeping tasks. Summer workers are hired for full-time jobs of various durations.

Jobs for a thousand people without working experience

The City of Helsinki is a partner of the A Responsible Summer Job campaign for the seventh consecutive year. The campaign, run by Oikotie Työpaikat, challenges employers to offer young people more and better summer jobs.

About 1,000 City of Helsinki summer jobs are reserved for young people applying for their first job. The application period for summer jobs meant for 16–17-year-olds and jobs in a summer cleaning project (Siisti kesä) meant for 16–20-year-olds, is shorter than usual, 24 February–9 March.

The Siisti kesä campaign is also hiring young people without prior work experience. Roughly 270 workers of the project will help keep parks, squares, street sides, sports sites and beaches tidy.

The City's summer jobs are popular

The summer jobs offered by the City of Helsinki are popular and an abundance of applicants is expected this year as well. Last year, there were more than 17,300 applications, of which about 13,700 came from 16–17-year-olds. There were 3,980 people hired for summer jobs, of which 860 were 16–17-year-olds.

The most popular positions going by the number of applications were early childhood educator assistant, library assistant, office trainee, assisting youth leader, construction trainee, catering worker and lifeguard. Among summer temp positions, the highest number of applications were directed at the practical nurse, nurse and public health nurse positions. The summer jobs amounted to as many as 161 titles.

Summer voucher promotes summer employment of ninth graders

With the Summer Voucher, the City of Helsinki reimburses 300 euros of the wages of ninth graders hired between 1 June and 12 August 2020. The Summer Voucher is handed out to all ninth graders in Helsinki schools. According to the preliminary assessment, in total, about 5,500 numbered and personalised vouchers will be distributed.

A voucher holder can accept a summer job with any business, association, foundation or parish. Last year, the Summer Voucher helped employ over 1,500 young people.

The City of Helsinki expects voucher employers to comply with the principles of the Responsible Summer Job 2020 campaign. The City participates in the campaign as an employer and continues as a partner of the campaign during the summer job season 2020.

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Published 21.1. and updated 30.1. and 21.2.