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The City of Helsinki launches a service for remote digital support

Due to the coronavirus epidemic many services have been transformed into e-services, accessible only online. At the same time, however, the places usually offering digital support such as libraries, community centres, service centres and adult education centres are closed. Nevertheless, the need for digital guidance exists and to help cope with the situation the city launches a service for remote digital support.  

Support and guidance is offered in the use of computers, tablets and smart phones as well as with problems linked to the use of different kinds of e-services, online services and most common applications. After submitting the request for remote assistance the person offering remote digital support contacts the client via telephone to agree on the needed support in more detail.   

Digital support is offered by the staff of the city’s information services, libraries and community colleges as well as volunteers from the association Enter ry. Digital support is offered in several languages, not only in Finnish and Swedish. The service hours are from 9 AM to 7 PM on weekdays. 

The are three ways to submit a request for remote digital support: 

This is the first time remote digital support is offered to this extent.

Information gathered from the experience will be used in the developing of digital support services. 

The service of remote digital support complies with the ethical guidelines for digital support of the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency

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Photo: Marja Väänänen.