Kruunuvuorensilta will be Finland’s longest bridge spanning about 1,200 metres. Photo: Kymp

Alliance for Crown Bridges project named

The Crown Bridges – Kruunusillat – project will be implemented by an alliance whose members are YIT Suomi Oy, NRC Group Finland Oy, Ramboll Finland Oy and Sitowise Oy.

The selection of the alliance members was made by the Executive Board of Helsinki City Transport HKL (on 28 October) and the Buildings and Public Works Sub-committee of the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Committee (on 31 October).

A 1.5-year alliance development phase will be launched in November–December this year. During this phase, the City of Helsinki and the enterprises of the bridge design competition’s winning team will draw up the final content of the project in the scope of the alliance as well as the plan for implementation. Furthermore, the partners will determine the target cost and the incentive system during the alliance development phase.

A competitive bidding process will be carried out in 2020–2021 for the two bridges connecting Kalasatama and Kruunuvuorenranta and for earthmoving and construction on the intermediate island of Korkeasaari, to be implemented as an all-in contract.

The construction of the Crown Bridges connection could commence simultaneously at several sites in the autumn of 2021. The current goal for completion is in 2026, but the project timetable will be defined in more detail in 2021.

In the event that the bid for the all-in contract, the alliance’s target cost and other costs of the client should exceed the project cost estimate approved by the City Council in 2016, the project implementation will be returned to the City Council for new decision-making. The bid and the target cost will be known in 2021.

The alliance competition was entered by three teams.

The Crown Brigdes project is more than bridges

The Crown Bridges connection – Kruunusillat in Finnish – will link the Laajasalo district of eastern Helsinki, the Korkeasaari island and the new Kalasatama district to the Helsinki city centre with a 10-kilometre light rail line. At the same time, the connection will provide a new maritime route for cyclists and pedestrians.

The most visible parts of the project will be three new bridges: Kruunuvuorensilta connecting Kruunuvuorenranta and Korkeasaari, Finkensilta connecting Korkeasaari and Nihti in Kalasatama, and Merihaansilta connecting Nihti and Hakaniemi. Kruunuvuorensilta will be Finland’s longest bridge spanning about 1,200 metres.

The Crown Bridges project will be implemented as a combination of two project types: the two bridges between Kalasatama and Kruunuvuorenranta, that is, Finkensilta and Kruunuvuorensilta, and the Korkeasaari earthmoving and construction will constitute an all-in contract. Other construction work will comply with the alliance model.

The Crown Bridges alliance will also carry out other earthmoving and construction, street construction and infrastructure development on the connection. One of these projects is the construction of a new Hakaniemi bridge and the demolition of the old bridge.

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