Villa Aino Ackté in spring 2020.

Building survey conducted at Villa Aino Ackté

Villa Aino Ackté is a historic wooden building of high cultural value located in the Tullisaari park in eastern Helsinki. A building survey is conducted at the villa during the summer of 2020 to investigate the property’s condition. The survey was launched in May.

The building survey will serve as a basis of a villa renovation and financial plan. The long-term goal of the work is to turn the villa into an events venue that can be rented by various users.

The building survey, aimed at defining the renovation needs of the villa, is conducted as a part of the scope of the OmaStadi participatory budgeting programme. The building survey of Villa Aino Ackté was one of the ideas proposed and voted on by residents. The building survey project received the highest number of votes from residents in the Southeastern District of Helsinki – a total of 2,727 votes.

OmaStadi is the channel of participatory budgeting in Helsinki. In the OmaStadi round of 2018–2019, Helsinki residents could draw up proposals and vote on how the City spends 4.4 million euros of its annual budget. Most of the OmaStadi proposals were for projects to be carried out in the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division: projects affecting parks, playgrounds, sports sites, waterfronts and environmental maintenance. The progress of the projects can be monitored on the OmaStadi Tracking page.

Photo: Anna Keskinen