A rendering of an information panel designed for Central Park. New signs and panels will be installed in the park later.

Central Park to have new signage

The City of Helsinki is producing new signage for Helsinki’s Central Park. The signage is designed to guide visitors on the existing recreational routes. The signage will be installed in two phases: the first part for the park area north of Ring Road I in the spring of 2020, and the second part for the southern section of the park in the following year. A draft of the signage design is now on display (with text in Finnish) at kerrokantasi.hel.fi, the City of Helsinki online feedback channel, and feedback can be submitted until 17 November 2019. 

Signage to serve park users

The new signage for Central Park is produced in response to significant amounts of feedback from the public gathered in conjunction with natural area and landscape maintenance, as well as through other feedback channels. There is a pronounced need for new signage in Central Park, as the park’s extensive route network is supported by inadequate signs. 

New signs and information panels to be installed in the park will allow visitors to plan their hiking, jogging, cycling and other recreational tours. The Central Park visitor centres and other key sites will be provided with information panels with maps. Key junctures will be provided with maps and signs. The main north-to-south route of Central Park, horse riding trails, illuminated recreational skiing tracks and a mountain bike trail will be marked with bands attached to posts or trees and lighting poles. 

Summer and winter routes

The extensive cycling and pedestrian route network of Central Park changes for winter months. Central Park is a popular cross-country skiing location, and the ski tracks are maintained. The new signage will separate plowed pedestrian and cycling routes from ski tracks. A new and much requested route to be marked with signs leads from Kuninkaantammi to Niskala and from Niskala to Torpparinmäki. This route is plowed in winter. 

The ski track network is so extensive at places that cyclists and pedestrians are guided to nearby streets, so as to provide Central Park users with much requested plowed detours. 

Helsinki’s first guided mountain bike trail

A mountain bike trail planned and tested together with bikers will be marked both on maps and in the terrain. The trail will be suitable for all levels of mountain bikers. The most difficult places to cross ditches and wet areas will be rendered easy to cross and safe. The mountain bike trail marked in the terrain reduces wear to the surrounding nature. 

Share your views on the draft with us

The signage plan is now a draft. The makers of the plan request all active Central Park users and occasional visitors to comment on the draft, to obtain extensive and constructive feedback. Feedback can be submitted at kerrokantasi.hel.fi until 17 November 2019. 

Map of Central Park and its future signage (PDF, map texts in Finnish and Swedish)

Sign designs (.jpg)

Renderings of Central Park’s future information panels and signs. No new panels or signs have been placed in the park yet. (.jpg)