Helsinki residents allowed to plant a Love Forest in Vuosaari

The idea, which progressed from a citizens’ initiative into a council initiative, will be implemented at the tip of Vuosaari Sports Park on 28 August. Eleven different tree species, a total of 280 trees, will be planted in the area to form the first Love Forest in Helsinki.

The idea for a Love Forest was created by travel entrepreneur Anu Nylund. Instead of the popular love locks, she wanted people to plant forests of love around the world. The idea progressed into a council initiative that was approved by the City Council, and a location was identified for Helsinki’s first Love Trees at the vast Vuosaari Sports Park.

City residents can reserve a sapling that will be planted for them and their loved one via the Vihreät sylit website (in Finnish). The trees are free of charge for those who reserve them, but those who reserve a tree must commit to planting it at the picnic event that will be held on Friday 28 August.

The trees will be reserved in order of registration. Trees can be reserved for as long as there are trees available. Successful registration will be confirmed by e-mail, and those who have reserved a tree will also receive a separate invitation to the planting event. When registering on the Vihreät sylit website, you can also state your reason for wanting to plant the tree in question and with whom you want to plant it. These stories will be published on the website.

The Love Trees will not be marked with nameplates, but the planters will receive a certificate of honour on which they can mark the location of their tree after the planting. The Love Forest area will also be equipped with an information board and clusters of tables that allow you to sit and watch the trees grow and spend time in the area.

Love Forest Vuosaari is a project implemented by the City of Helsinki. More broadly speaking, the Love Forest is a concept of Any Nylund’s Mood of Finland Oy, and it is used to promote and collect funds for nature conservation. At the planting event, you can make a donation to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation, which uses donations to buy natural areas for conservation purposes.

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