Workout stairs in Malminkartano: Photo: Mikko Malmström

Helsinki to have nine new workout stairs sites

New outdoor workout stairs will be built in many different parts of Helsinki in the next few years. The City of Helsinki Urban Environment Committee approved the City’s workout stairs guideline and workout stairs programme on 3 September 2019. The guideline determines the organization of Helsinki workout stairs services and the quality criteria of the services. The programme, drawn up for 2020–2030, determines guidelines for the further development of the workout stairs network.

“Stair running has become an increasingly popular workout and sport. Judging by resident feedback, there is great demand for workout stairs,” says planning expert Mikko Malmström.  

Today Helsinki has workout stairs at three sites: on the Malminkartanonhuippu artificial hill in Malminkartano, in Paloheinä and in Herttoniemi. The Paloheinä workout stairs are in good condition. The Malminkartano and Herttoniemi workout stairs will be renovated. 

According to the Helsinki workout stairs programme, nine new stairs sites will be built in the city in the next few years. The new sites are as follows: Alakivenpuisto, the Alppikylänhuippu artificial hill, Ilomäenpuisto, Lauttasaari sports park, Mäntymäki, Pihlajisto, Suutarila, the Talinhuippu artificial hill, and either Vanttikallio or the Vuosaarenhuippu artificial hill in Vuosaari. The site in Vuosaari will be decided as stairs construction is scheduled. All sites should be easily accessible and in the vicinity of sports and recreational trails. 

The workout stairs construction schedule will be determined in more detail as the City Council makes decisions on the 2020 budget. As a result of budget negotiations, the City Board has decided to propose to the City Council that the construction of nine new workout stairs sites of the workout stairs programme and the renovation of two existing sites be carried out on an accelerated schedule. According to the proposal, site implementation would be commenced as early as in 2020. 

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