Effects of the postal strike on the Urban Environment Division’s customer service

While the majority of the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division’s messaging and customer services are handled electronically, services that rely on postal deliveries will be affected by a protracted postal strike. 

Extension of invoice due dates 

The delivery of invoices to customers who have opted to receive paper invoices will be delayed during the strike. Because of this, invoices issued during the strike will be issued with extended payment terms. Payment reminders will not be issued to customers during the strike. 

However, rental invoices should still be paid on time based on the relevant rental agreement regardless of whether the tenant has received an invoice (except in the case of a first rental invoice). 

Possible delays in building permits and legal cadastral surveys 

The strike may delay the issuing of building permits due to the fact that the hearing of neighbours conducted as part of the permit application process is normally carried out by letter. Applicants can speed up the process by handling the hearing themselves using the hearing form

The delivery of building permit decisions will be delayed if the applicant has not accepted electronic notification. The carrying out of legal cadastral surveys (in the context of the splitting up of a parcel, for example) may also be delayed as postal deliveries cannot be carried out within the normal time frame. 

Parking rights to be checked electronically 

The delivery of laminated resident parking permits to customers may be delayed. However, parking inspectors can check parking rights electronically based on registration plates. A parking permit is valid even if it is not displayed on the vehicle as long as the invoice has been paid on time. 

During the strike, you can also display an expired parking permit on your vehicle – it is valid as long as the new permit has been paid for on time. This applies to all resident parking permits whether they include one or two registration numbers. 

Customer service open at Sörnäistenkatu 

During the postal strike most of the Urban Environment Division’s mail deliveries will be delayed. For more information, please contact our customer service: 

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