A rendering of Helsinki Garden by B&M Architects Ltd, seen from the Central Park

Revised plan for Helsinki Garden to be considered by City Board

Decision-making stages in Helsinki Garden project:

18 December. The Urban Environment Committee approves the proposal, which will next be considered by the City Board.

Decisions release 17 December (Matter 3). The decisions release is replaced by minutes once they are published.

4 December: The Urban Environment Committee postpones the consideration of the matter by two weeks at its meeting of 3 December. 

Minutes of 3 December

News first published on 29 November:

The City of Helsinki Urban Environment Committee will be presented for consideration the revised detailed plan proposal for the Helsinki Garden project on Tuesday, 3 December. 

The Helsinki Garden project embraces the construction of a private, underground multiple-use arena on Nordenskiöldinkatu next to the existing ice hall. New construction above ground would be situated on Nordenskiöldinkatu and Pohjoinen Stadiontie mainly at the site of the existing ice hall’s parking area.

According to the plan, the building above ground would comprise a hotel and other accommodation facilities, office space and homes. The street level of the building would have commercial and office space. According to the proposal, the building would have 6–10 floors. Parking would be placed in an underground facility built in the bedrock east of Pohjoinen Stadiontie, and the same facility would also include training ice rinks. 

The old ice hall would be integrated into the project, turned into a smaller multiple-use arena and sports facilities. The current training ice hall would be demolished. 

The building was lowered for the new proposal

The Urban Environment Committee approved a preliminary plan proposal for the project last spring. In conjunction with their approval, the committee requested the designers to study whether the scope of the project could be smaller. Comments and statements on the plan received by the committee criticized the large size of the above-ground building. 

The plan proposal that now enters decision-making differs from last spring’s version in that the building has been lowered by 5–10 metres at the tallest sections and by 1.5–3 metres in other sections. The floor space of the above-ground new building has been reduced from 75,000 square metres to 60,000 square metres. The new proposal no longer includes underground parking under the current football field (field 7). All parking spaces are placed in the parking facility under the rock east of Pohjoinen Stadiontie. In the new plan proposal, the parking facility can also be driven into from Pohjoinen Stadiontie. Several smaller revisions have been made in the plan proposal.  

In the event that the Urban Environment Committee approves the detailed plan proposal, the proposal will proceed to decision-making by the City Board and City Council in January 2020. 

Background to the project:

The organization behind the Helsinki Garden project is Projekti GH Oy. The areas proposed for the project are owned by the City of Helsinki. The City Council approved handover principles for the areas reserved for the Helsinki Garden project on 11 September 2019. Projekti GH Oy organized an invited architectural competition in cooperation with the City of Helsinki in 2016, to serve as the basis of the detailed plan and implementation. The winner of the competition was B&M Architects Ltd, which has continued planning and design with PES-Architects Ltd.

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