Traffic in Pasila.

Is It Safe to Move Around in Helsinki? Take the Survey about Traffic Safety!

The City of Helsinki has begun updating the Traffic Safety Program for the years 2022–2025. Traffic safety affects everyone moving around in the city – take the survey before the 27th of September and let us know how safe you feel in the traffic of Helsinki. The program’s main goal is to make it safer to move around in Helsinki.

The program will set a vision, goals and focus areas for the traffic safety work led by the city. It will also establish a set of concrete measures for the coming years. This way the traffic safety work in Helsinki will be systematic and effective. The program will be devised in vast collaboration with citizens, branches of city administration and stakeholders.

The voice of the inhabitants is especially important which is why we have made a survey addressed to the citizens of Helsinki. We wish for your views on traffic safety and how to develop it regardless of where in Helsinki you live, how you choose to move around how old you are. The survey has a few basic questions, in addition to which you can mark on a map unsafe or troublesome places regarding traffic safety. You may also point out locations where you have been in a traffic accident, or slightly missed being in one. 

You can take the survey up until Sunday the 27th of September in the following address: