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Enrolment for autumn sports courses starts in a staggered manner on Tuesday 17 August

Sports and exercise courses organised by the City of Helsinki will start once again in September, featuring a familiar selection of swimming schools and other water sports, group exercise, gym activities, adapted exercise and other diverse exercise courses for children, working-age people and seniors.

Enrolment for the City of Helsinki’s autumn sports courses begins on Tuesday 17 August 2021 at 11:00. You can register online at asiointi.hel.fi or by calling the number 09 310 28858 (service open until 20 August 2021). Course registrations will be opened in a staggered manner, meaning that not all courses will be available for registration on Tuesday 17 August.

Registration schedule:

Tuesday 17 August 2021
11:00 Water sports for seniors, Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall, Service Centre Kinapori
12:30 Water sports for seniors, Kamppi Sports Centre
14:00 Water sports for seniors, Itäkeskus Swimming Hall, Jakomäki Swimming Hall
15:00 Water sports for seniors, Pirkkola Swimming Hall
16:30 Group exercise for working-age people

Wednesday 18 August 2021
11:00 Gym activities for seniors, Pirkkola Swimming Hall, Oulunkylä Sports Park
12:30 Gym activities for seniors, Itäkeskus Swimming Hall, Liikuntamylly, Kontulan Kuntokellari Gym
13:00 Gym activities for seniors, Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall
14:30 Group exercise for seniors
17:00 Gym courses, water sports and swimming schools for working-age people

Thursday 19 August 2021
11:00 Adapted exercise, gym courses, group exercise and water sports for adults
12:30 Swedish-language activities, gym courses, group exercise, water sports
15:00 Group exercise and adapted exercise for children
16:30 Swimming schools for children, Itäkeskus Swimming Hall, Pirkkola Swimming Hall
17:30 Swimming schools for children, Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall, Jakomäki Swimming Hall

Friday 20 August 2021
11:00–16:00 Reception of all course enrolments

Monday 23 August 2021
Late enrolment will start online at asiointi.hel.fi, by phone at 09 310 87501 9:00–15:00 Mon–Fri and via the Liikuntaluuri phone service at 09 310 32623 13:00–15:30 Mon–Thu.

More detailed registration instructions >>

The sports courses of the City of Helsinki follow the current official guidelines and health safety measures. In practice, this means measures such as minimising contact, maintaining good hand hygiene and keeping a safe distance from others. The use of a face mask is recommended for everyone over the age of 12 when indoors, unless there is a health reason that prevents it. A face mask does not need to be worn during an exercise performance. Furthermore, time spent in the locker rooms and toilets of the indoor sports facilities must be deemed to be necessary.

“We already have experience with and routines for the organisation of sports courses safely under these constantly changing coronavirus circumstances. For example, course participant numbers have been reduced, and the coronavirus situation will be monitored constantly and any changes will be reacted to quickly if necessary. There is no denying that this autumn will once again be somewhat exceptional in terms of the courses, but even in this situation, we will organise our courses for children, young people, working-age people, seniors and special groups alike in a familiar and safe manner,” says Sports Services Director Tuuli Salospohja from the City of Helsinki.