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Suggest a winner for 2019 Helsinki Cultural Act Award!

Since 2009, the City of Helsinki has been granting awards for notable cultural acts. The award and associated honourable mentions are granted once a year, and it is now time to submit proposals for the recipient of the 2019 award and honourable mentions. Please submit your proposal to us by 15 December 2019 here: 

The 2019 Helsinki Cultural Act Award will be awarded to a notable and new kind of cultural act or project that impacts Helsinki and its residents. The size of the Cultural Act Award is 5,000 euros. In addition to the monetary prize, one or two proposals will receive honourable mentions.

Proposals and justifications for the winner of the Helsinki Cultural Act Award can be submitted until 15 December 2019 on the News page of the City of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Division (https://www.hel.fi/kulttuurin-ja-vapaa-ajan-toimiala/en)

The recipients of the award and honourable mention(s) will be decided by the Culture and Leisure Committee’s Culture Sub-committee. 

The award and honourable mention(s) will be presented at an award ceremony in early 2020, the exact date and location of which will be announced later.

More information 

Veikko Kunnas
Head Of Partnerships, Culture
City of Helsinki, Culture and Leisure
tel. 040 3341204