Hobbies for young people on mobile phone app.

The new Harrastuspassi mobile application will make it easy for young people to find new hobbies

Harrastuspassi is a new mobile application for young people in grades 7–9, which aims to increase young people’s opportunities to easily try different hobbies and find a hobby that suits them. At the same time, Harrastuspassi helps hobby organisers reach young people better than before. Harrastuspassi includes a wide range of activities from culture to exercise all around Helsinki. The application will become available to Helsinki’s pupils in grades 7–9 in August 2020.

Harrastuspassi includes the hobbies and leisure activities offered to young people by the City of Helsinki, as well as activities produced by organisations, associations and companies. The application also includes benefits such as free hobby trials. Companies and communities can advertise their hobby opportunities in Harrastuspassi by requesting service provider credentials using the contact form on the harrastuspassi.fi website. Advertising is free of charge for service providers. 

‘Harrastuspassi helps every young person find new ideas for leisure activities. I believe that the application will lower the threshold for starting a new hobby and more and more young people will find meaningful activities for themselves,’ says Deputy Mayor Nasima Razmyar, who has been following the development of the project.

Harrastuspassi is a nationwide project, the application development of which has been funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The application is owned by the City of Helsinki. Harrastuspassi is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

What can young people do with Harrastuspassi?

The users of the application, i.e. pupils in grades 7–9, can use Harrastuspassi to easily find hobby opportunities, both free and subject to a fee, in their city and surrounding area, as well as benefits such as free hobby trials. They can also send tips about interesting hobbies to their friends or social media and save their favourites. Harrastuspassi also shows the most popular hobbies and benefits in the city, as well as recommendations based on the user’s own usage history. 

‘Harrastuspassi has been developed at all stages in cooperation with young people. The concept, usability and look of the application have been modified based on their feedback,’ says Project Manager Suvi Ervamaa. Harrastuspassi has also learned from examples abroad: Pass Culture is a popular cultural pass developed for French 18-year-olds.
Read more at harrastuspassi.fi and watch the presentation video: Always something to do.

Further information:
Suvi Ervamaa, Project Manager, +358 (0)40 191 7210, suvi.ervamaa@hel.fi
Essi Eranka, Head of Marketing and Communications, +358 (0)40 568 13 69, essi.eranka@hel.fi
City of Helsinki, Culture and Leisure Division