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Changes to the visiting restrictions of senior centres, service houses and hospitals

The visiting restrictions for hospitals, service houses and senior centres are made stricter. The new restrictions are applied 4.12-10.1.

– Helsinki is in the spreading phase of the coronavirus. The aim of the restrictions is to protect the patients, residents and our staff, says department director Seija Meripaasi.

– We understand that the restrictions feel hard, but we have to prioritise safety at the moment. We thank the relatives and friends for their cooperation, Meripaasi continues.

Visiting restrictions at hospitals

Relatives and friends can’t visit  hospitals 4.12-10.1. It’s also not permitted to meet the patients outside. 

The patients can be contacted by phone.

Patients in terminal care may still receive visits.

Changes in the visiting restrictions at senior centres and service houses

Friends and relatives can visit residents once a day. Only one visitor is allowed in at a time. We wish that the visits are kept short. About 15 minutes is the recommended duration.

Outdoor visits are still possible. Outdoor visits can last for a maximum of 30 minutes and there can be a maximum of two visitors at a time.

– If the health of the resident and the weather allow, we still recommend outdoor visits, Meripaasi continues.

– It’s also possible to make e.g. video calls to the residents, Meripaasi says.

All visits must be agreed beforehand with the staff of the respective care facility and a face mask must be worn during the visit. Visits are allowed only if the visitor is healthy. The visitors must take care of good hand hygiene and safety distances.

You can find the visiting instructions on the city’s web page

Picture: Sakari Röyskö

Uppdated on 16th of December.  The new restrictions are applied untill 10.1.2021.