Check your health conveniently online at

It is good to think about your health every now and then, even when everything seems to be in order. Sometimes there may be something under the surface that is worth reacting to sooner rather than later. One easy way to check your health is the Omaolo health check-up.

 “In the Omaolo health check-up, you can get direct feedback on your health status conveniently and without costs. If a clear health risk is found, you can contact a professional after the check-up,” says Chief Physician Marja-Liisa Lommi.

In June, Helsinki has been participating in DigiFinland’s Omaolo campaign, where the digital health check-up is widely marketed on the Internet and in social media. The campaign will also appear on YLE’s TV channels.

“As the COVID-19 situation gradually eases, it is great that we can also focus more on health promotion and preventive services,” Lommi adds.

The campaign aims to get “ordinary people” to try out the service with a low threshold. The intention is to inspire thoughts and ask direct questions that are easy to answer in the Omaolo service.

The Omaolo service also provides support after the health check-up. Omaolo’s well-being coaching programmes encourage lifestyle changes, such as reducing alcohol consumption or increasing physical activity.