City of Helsinki and HUS to survey experiences of new mothers at maternity and child health clinics and the maternity hospital

The City of Helsinki and HUS will survey the views of new mothers and the experiences of families on the implementation of family-centered care at the Helsinki maternity clinics and the HUS Women’s Hospital. In addition, satisfaction with the course of childbirth and baby-care preparedness after being discharged from the hospital will be surveyed.

The survey aims to increase the understanding of the care experienced by families and to recognise related challenges and development needs.

Family-centered pregnancy, childbirth, and time after childbirth

“Shortened time at the hospital after childbirth and the increased age of first-time mothers are examples of changes in recent years that have created new needs in the services of maternity and child health clinics and maternity hospitals. We are surveying families’ experiences to be able to better meet these new needs and offer quality care,” says Manager of Maternity and Child Health Clinics and Home Services for Families with Children Monica Lindberg from the City of Helsinki.

The survey is looking for volunteer mothers who will be giving birth in autumn 2022 or have given birth to a full-term child or children (weeks 37 or more of pregnancy) in the Women’s Hospital. The material will be collected through electronic questionnaires and individual interviews.

Mothers will be sought for the survey in the autumn at maternity and child health clinics in Helsinki and the Women’s Hospital.

The survey is connected to the execution of Helsinki’s City Strategy. The programme aims to develop services related to pregnancy and childbirth while listening to families.

The survey is implemented by the University of Turku.