Malmi Hospital.

Coronavirus infections at a ward in Malmi Hospital

Coronavirus infections have been found at ward 12 for acute geriatric and rehabilitation in Malmi Hospital. Four patients have been infected. All 25 patients at the ward have been exposed. 

Infections have been found 19.3–28.3. Staff members have not been infected.

As a precautionary measure, the ward has been closed for now and new patients are not taken into the ward at the moment.

– The infections have been found during a long period. We want to supress the epidemic by closing the ward and doing extensive testing, says the Medical director of Helsinki's hospital services, Laura Pikkarainen.

– All the patients at the ward have now been tested and will be tested again later. The entire staff is also being tested, Pikkarainen says.

We have contacted the relatives of the infected patients and told them about the situation.

– Relatives can’t visit the ward at the moment, but they can be in contact with the patients by phone. It’s also possible to ask the nurses how the patient is doing, Pikkarainen continues.

Malmi Hospital is one of the units at the Helsinki City Hospital. Malmi Hospital has 5 wards and 125 beds in total.

More information about the current visiting restrictions in Helsinki is found on the website.

Photo: Mikael Lindén