Employees at a computer. Illustration.

Disability services of the City of Helsinki take the Apotti system into use

The City of Helsinki’s social and health care services will introduce the customer and patient information system Apotti for the second time on Saturday 29 May, whereby 800 disability service workers will start using the new system. The outpatient clinic for the intellectually disabled already switched to the Apotti system in April.

As the new system is introduced, older information systems will be decommissioned. The change is significant, and it may cause customers some issues, such as services temporarily slowing down. The advantages of the system will start to become apparent after its introduction.

“Preparing for the introduction has been a huge effort for disability staff - a humble thanks to them! Having learned about the introduction of Apotti for the Outpatient clinic for the intellectually disabled, I can say that with good preparation, we will quickly get to grips with the system. However, we expect customers and partners to understand the slowness that may initially occur. We have prepared for the challenges and we expect the system to bring improvements to our daily work”, says Katja Raita, Director of services for the disabled.

The third and final introduction will take place in November, whereby the Apotti system will be put into use by social services for the working-age population, child welfare and social services for families with children. After November 2021, the entire Social Services and Health Care Division will be using the same customer and patient information system.

Maisa customer portal already being used by more than 100,000 Helsinki residents

With the introduction of Apotti, customers received a new electronic service channel called Maisa. Available for mobile devices and web browsers alike, Maisa is already being used by more than 100,000 Helsinki residents. Maisa enables users to view and supplement their social and health care information, view examination and laboratory test results, contact social service and health care professionals via the messaging service, book or cancel appointments, request prescription renewals and authorise a person to act on their behalf.

More information on the Maisa customer portal