Health stations queue number.

Epidemic strains health stations and home care

The current and projected development of the COVID-19 pandemic is burdening the services of Helsinki’s health stations and home care, among others. Access to urgent and necessary services and care is guaranteed to clients. The staff are doing their best in a demanding situation.

COVID-19 and other respiratory symptoms treated at home

If your matter is not urgent, please wait for the COVID-19 situation to calm down before contacting your health station. We are working to accommodate appointments that have already been booked, but due to staff absences, these may also need to be rescheduled or cancelled. It is important to come to booked appointments.

Whether it is a case of COVID-19 or a cold, people diagnosed with diseases that cause upper respiratory symptoms should stay at home during their illness. Guidance on home care of COVID-19 is available at Treatment of coronavirus and instructions for the infected (Finnish institute for health and welfare).

COVID-19 testing is severely congested, so please do not get tested if you have already received two doses of the vaccine or have had COVID-19 in the past. If you test positive in a home test, there is no need to verify the result in a laboratory – just stay at home during your illness. It is important to save testing capacity for critical client and patient groups. The current testing criteria are available at Coronavirus testing in Helsinki.

Some home care client visits postponed

The worsening of the COVID-19 pandemic and, at the same time, the reduced availability of staff are temporarily complicating the activities of home care.

Not all client visits can be completed as planned at the moment. Client visits may need to be shortened or postponed.
Additional help from family and friends is also important and welcome in various everyday activities of the client. We will inform the home care clients or their families about the situation separately.

Photo: Virpi Velin