Service voucher system change proceeding – health station service voucher up next

The City of Helsinki adopted a new service voucher system this spring. The change affects all service vouchers issued by the City of Helsinki. The change of system does not affect the criteria for issuing service vouchers to clients. The new system can be found at (in Finnish and Swedish).

At health stations, the new system was adopted in May.

Clients visiting health stations can be offered a service voucher for an appointment with a general practitioner. The appointment will take place at a private clinic and correspond to an appointment with a doctor at a health station. The appointment is free of charge.

The client will receive the decision on the granting of a service voucher via text message, which includes the details of the private clinics at which the service voucher can be used. The service voucher is valid for ten days.

After receiving the text message, the client can contact the private clinic of their choice by phone.

If the client does not have a mobile phone, they will be provided with the information necessary for using the service voucher at their local health station.

Please visit the website for more information on the system, including a list of private clinics that offer service voucher appointments. The list of service providers will expand as new service providers are approved as providers of service voucher services. You can log in to the website using your online bank credentials.

After using the service voucher, the client will continue to be provided with health care services at their local health station as normal.

A new, more versatile system

The new service voucher system offers more comprehensive services to clients than the previous one. On the service’s website (, clients can use a map service to find a service provider, compare prices and confirm when the service in question is available, for example.

More information and instructions for clients and service providers (in Finnish and Swedish)