A drawing of a syringe.

Helsinki continuing coronavirus vaccinations

Coronavirus vaccinations have been continued in Helsinki without delays as fast as vaccine has been received. Last week, ca. 3,000 injections were delivered. This week, the number of injections will be ca. 4,000. Just under a thousand of these are booster vaccinations.

This week, vaccine is still given to health care personnel involved in coronavirus-related work, personnel providing care services to elderly people as well as to residents of care homes operated by Helsinki and by private operators. The vaccination of home care and home hospital staff has also been started.

Vaccination has been well received by the residents of elderly care homes. “We are reaching good vaccination coverage among care home residents. Over 95 per cent of the residents to whom vaccine has been offered have taken it,” says Medical Director of Helsinki City Hospital Laura Pikkarainen.

Vaccinations of elderly to start in early February

Vaccinations of elderly people are currently estimated to start in early February. Vaccines will be given to further groups as soon as more of it is received.

Information will be provided on the vaccination of the elderly e.g. through newspaper advertisements and notifications sent to elderly people’s homes. It is not possible to make a vaccination appointment at the moment. Coronavirus vaccinations will be given at four vaccination points across Helsinki.

 Further information: coronavaccination-en.hel.fi