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Helsinkians have already booked over 20 000 vaccination appointments

During the past week Helsinkians have eagerly booked vaccination appointments. Already over 20 000 appointments have been booked. The availability of vaccination appointments is still good.

The target for this year is that at least 45 000 people in risk groups and people close to them would get the influenza vaccine.

– It’s great to see that Helsinkians have been this active when it comes to booking vaccination appointments. Especially the e-service has been used a lot, and we still recommend using it for bookings, says nurse Minni Minkkinen.

– This year vaccines are given by appointment only, because we want to ensure that the vaccines are given safely. Vaccines are given in places with enough space, Minkkinen continues.

Because of the large number of bookings there were some delays in the phone booking system earlier this week, and it has resulted in some delays in the call-back service.

– The delay in the call-back service is now about 2 days. We will, however, call back everyone. We aim to shorten the call-back queue as soon as possible, Minkkinen says.

Helsinkians in risk groups and people close to them get free-of-charge influenza vaccines on weekdays from 9th to 27th of November. You can book an appointment electronically on influenzavaccination.hel.fi or by calling on weekdays from 816, tel. 09 310 46300.

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