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Influenza vaccination weeks are organised in Helsinki 9–27 November

Time booking by phone is congested. We apologize for the inconvenience. The delay in the call-back service is about two days. We recommend to book a time through the e-services. 

Free influenza vaccinations will be provided to people in risk groups from Monday to Friday during weeks 46, 47 and 48, meaning 9–27 November. This year, vaccinations are provided by appointment only.

A vaccination appointment can be reserved from Monday 26 October electronically at influenzavaccination.hel.fi or on weekdays at 8-16 by telephone 09 310 46300.

The vaccination points will be open as follows:

The vaccination points are

  • Kustaankartano Senior Centre, A building, 1st floor, Oltermannintie 32
  • Liikuntamylly, Jauhokuja 3
  • Jätkäsaari influenza vaccination centre, Tyynenmerenkatu 6 L 3
  • Munkkiniemi Service Centre, Laajalahdentie 30
    Notice! The vaccination times at Munkkiniemi Service Centre are all fully booked right now.

Influenza vaccinations are free of charge for:

  • pregnant women
  • children under the age of 7 (6 months–6 years)
  • those belonging to risk groups due to illness
  • those aged 65 years or over
  • those entering mandatory or voluntary military service
  • close relatives and friends of people susceptible to severe influenza
  • those working in social services, health care or pharmaceutical services.

Vaccination is the most efficient way of preventing influenza

“You should have the influenza vaccination to protect yourself and your close friends and family against the flu and other illnesses and effects it can cause. Getting vaccinated is especially important if you are in contact with someone who has an increased risk of contracting severe influenza”, says Sanna Isosomppi, the chief physician of Epidemiological Operations.

“Having close friends and family vaccinated is especially beneficial to people such those over the age of 65, pregnant
women, children aged under six months and those suffering from long-term illnesses”, Isosomppi continues.

The current coronavirus situation makes it even more important to get the vaccination.

“A person can suffer simultaneously from both the coronavirus and the influenza virus. Concurrent infections increase the risk of severe illness”, Isosomppi states.

“It also helps to secure the capacity of the health care system, if as many as possible have the influenza vaccination. By getting vaccinated, we can try to prevent simultaneous epidemics of influenza and coronavirus in Helsinki over the winter”, continues Isosomppi.

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, it is safe to visit the vaccination points

At the vaccination points, special attention has been paid to the safety of clients and personnel throughout the year.

This year, flu vaccines will only be available for those with an appointment. You must have your own face mask with you when you come to get a vaccination. The mask must be worn for the whole appointment.

Hand sanitiser is offered at the vaccination point. Additionally, there are advisers at the vaccination points to guide visitors and monitor that the safety distances are followed.

“We would also like to remind residents that they shouldn’t come to the vaccination point if they are ill,” states Isosomppi.

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The news has been updated on the 28th of October at 4.40 pm. The delay on call-back service is about two days.
The news has been updated on the 5th of November at 10.18 am. The vaccination times at Munkkiniemi Service Centre are all fully booked right now.