Person handling influenza vaccines.

Influenza vaccines running out also in Helsinki

Influenza vaccines are running out also in Helsinki. New vaccination times cannot be booked to the centralized vaccination points or health stations, for now. The additional vaccination week (30.11.-4.12.) that was informed about earlier will also be cancelled.

There will be enough vaccines for Saturday (21 November) and next week (23-27 November) for people who have booked times. We will call back people who have left a callback request through the callback service. There will be enough vaccines for booked times at maternity and child health clinics.

You cannot book times for vaccinations by phone or the e-services anymore. More times will be opened once we will get more vaccines to Helsinki.

“This fall the demand for vaccines has been much greater than previously. Because of this the vaccines are running out in the entire country and despite our efforts we can unfortunately not get the amount of vaccines that would satisfy the demand. We are trying our best to get more vaccines to Helsinki”, the division manager Juha Jolkkonen says.

Almost 40 000 persons who belong to risk groups and their loved ones have gotten the influenza vaccination in Helsinki so far.

Picture: Helsinki City's material bank