Last Apotti launch to take place in November

The third and final phase of the introduction of the Apotti system in the City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division will take place on 6 November. The new system will be introduced in social services for families with children, child welfare, youth and adult social services, social and crisis emergency services of health and substance abuse services, and housing support. The Apotti system will be adopted in November by approximately 2,100 employees. After the November launch, Apotti will be in use in all social and health care services in the City of Helsinki. Almost all health care services have been using the system since the spring of 2021.

Services during the launch phase

The launch phase and related preparations will temporarily affect social services and may lead to temporary restrictions in services from October to December. Changes and restrictions in services during the launch phase are listed on the City of Helsinki website: Apotti and Maisa are being launched – how will the services change?

The Maisa client portal is expanding its services

The Maisa client portal is a new e-services channel for users of health and social services in Helsinki. This last launch will further expand the range of services available through Maisa. During the spring, a significant part of the services were migrated to Maisa, and with the November launch, applications for social services will also be available through Maisa.

The Maisa portal can be accessed via the website or the app, which is available for download on the iOS and Android app stores. Maisa is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Further information about Maisa on the website 

Benefits of Apotti and Maisa

The introduction of the Apotti system in Helsinki’s social services and health care is a major reform, as it will mean that all the old client and patient data systems will be taken out of use. The purpose of the new system, which will be common to all social and health care professionals, is to harmonise and improve the health and social services provided to residents. The Maisa client portal expands and facilitates e-services.

Further information on Apotti

Image: Jussi Hellsten