Towards the Myllypuro health and well-being centre - Updates for March

The renovation of Myllypuro Health Station is now complete

The renovation of Myllypuro Health Station was completed in February. The repairs and improvements ensure that the Myllypuro facilities will serve customers and staff better than ever before.

The lobby, customer and staff areas were remodelled during the renovations. For example, the customer service facilities for adult social work were improved and the staff gained an updated space for telephone work.

The renovation of Kontula Health Station is under way

The renovation of the health station began in January and will be complete at the end of April. The work is progressing on schedule. On the first floor of the health station, some updated spaces are already in use.

The repairs will not affect the services provided by the Kontula health station. However, the renovation work will be visible in some way on all floors during the spring season. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to customers.

Maisa and Apotti to be deployed in the spring

At the end of April, Helsinki will be deploying the Apotti customer and patient information system and the Maisa portal for some of its social and health care services. Maisa is an e-service channel for customers, while Apotti is a new customer and patient information system for professionals, which Helsinki will be adopting in three phases over the course of 2021.

The deployment of the new systems will initially temporarily slow down some services especially during April–May when staff attend Apotti training courses, for example. We recommend handling prescription renewals in March, if possible.

As regards Maisa, new customer instructions are on the way to ensure that everyone can use the new e-service channel effectively. Traditional services, such as call-backs and in-person appointments, will be provided as normal alongside the Maisa portal. 

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