People sitting and walking in Kontula Senior Center.

Coronavirus infections related to a previous exposure in Kontula Senior Centre

In a group home in Kontula Senior Centre, a total of seven residents have been tested positive for the coronavirus. The infections originate from a resident’s infection detected on 18 August. No infections have been detected among the staff.

All residents and employees of the group home were tested for the coronavirus immediately after the first infection was detected on 18 August. Of the 17 exposed residents, six had contracted the virus.

All who had been exposed were immediately placed in a two-week quarantine, and their condition is being monitored carefully.

“We have carefully followed the safety instructions provided the whole time in Kontula. New exposures have not been detected. We will do everything to prevent the coronavirus from spreading in the Senior Centre,” says Director of the Eastern Service District Maritta Haavisto.

“Now, we need to re-assess if we need more rigid restrictions on services for older people. The restrictions in the spring were difficult for both the residents and their families and friends. We must balance between sufficient restrictions, safety, and providing the residents with as normal a life as possible,” Chief Physician of Epidemiologic Operations Sanna Isosomppi describes the situation.

The close relatives of the infected residents have been contacted. The relatives of the other residents are also aware of the situation.

Visits to the group home in question are prohibited until further notice. We encourage family and friends to contact the residents in other ways, such as phone calls or video calls.

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