Postpartum check-ups now conducted at new Ruoholahti service point, Kamppi Family Centre expands

Helsinki has centralised postpartum check-ups at the Postpartum Assessment Unit located at the second service point of Kamppi Family Centre, Itämerenkatu 5 A.

The unit employs nurses and midwives specialised in postpartum check-ups with the know-how to support clients in matters related to recovering from childbirth and promoting health and wellbeing after having a baby.

“During postpartum check-ups, nurses take a holistic approach to encountering mothers who have given birth. We reserve time to have conversations with clients about the birthing experience and recovering from childbirth, as well as matters such as mental wellbeing and overall health,” says chief nursing officer Heidi Långström-Karhapää.

As before, any check-ups that require a doctor’s examination will be performed at the client’s designated maternity and child health clinic. A nurse will provide the client with an assessment of a suitable postpartum check-up location.

“Our clients have been happy with the comprehensive postpartum check-ups that they have received,” Heidi Långström-Karhapää continues.

Family centres offer low-threshold services for families with children, teenagers and their parents living in Helsinki.

Over the course of the autumn, we will provide the following services at our service point in Ruoholahti:

  • Maternity and child health clinic services and postpartum check-ups
  • Home services for families with children
  • Social guidance for families with children
  • Speech therapy for children
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Therapeutic work for families with infants
  • Children’s meeting place activities

The Malminkatu service point of Kamppi Family Centre will continue its operations as usual.

The Ruoholahti service point of Kamppi Family Centre is located near the metro station, and there are parking spaces nearby for clients who arrive by car.

Address: Itämerenkatu 5 A, 00180 Helsinki

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