Postpartum check-ups will be conducted mainly in Ruoholahti in the future

Postpartum check-ups will be conducted mainly in Ruoholahti in the future

From August 2022, we will centralise postpartum check-ups to the Postpartum Assessment Unit in Ruoholahti. We will continue performing medical examinations at the customer’s own maternity and child health care clinic.

A professional assesses the suitable postpartum check-up location for each customer

The location for the postpartum check-up is selected per the customer’s personal needs. Selecting the service point is always done by a professional and not by customers themselves.

Appointments for postpartum check-ups are mainly made to the Ruoholahti location if the customer is not likely to need a medical examination. If a medical examination is required, customers are directed to their own maternity and child health clinic.

Ruoholahti Postpartum Assessment Unit hosts special expertise

The Ruoholahti Postpartum Assessment Unit employs nurses and midwives specialising in postpartum check-ups. Our postpartum care team has the know-how to support customers in matters especially related to recovering from childbirth and promoting health and wellbeing after having a baby.

If necessary, our care staff can also consult the customer’s maternity and child health clinic doctor, for example, in medication-related matters. Later, the doctor can continue the conversation with the customer in Maisa or by telephone.

The address of Ruoholahti Postpartum Assessment Unit is Itämerenkatu 5 A, 2nd floor. The Postpartum Assessment Unit is part of the new Kamppi Family Centre.

Picture: Virpi Velin