Preparedness in the social services and health care due to the postal strike

The postal strike started Monday 11 November at 6 a.m. Consequently, there are disturbances in the delivery of prints, e.g. letters. The postal strike affects the delivery of paper mail sent by the social and health care services as well.

Customers will be notified by phone in case of urgent appointments. Paper documents referring to appointments, such as pre-appointment fact forms, will be delivered by email. Customers without access to email are kindly asked to pick up the forms at service points. The same procedure applies to vouchers and payment commitments.

The delivery of medicines and laboratory samples is not affected by the strike.

Health care supplies will be distributed by package transport. Posti has announced that there may be a delay of at most a couple of days regarding the distribution of health care supplies.

Social services and health care bills

Because of the strike, the municipality has postponed the due date for its invoices. The time for payment is about one month, instead of two weeks previously.


We are monitoring the situation and we will provide updates as necessary.