An older man and woman sitting in a park, the woman in wheel chair.

Relief for informal carers – short-term care facilities to be opened gradually

Short-term care facilities important to informal carers will be opened starting from 19 May. The first 20 beds will be made available in Seniorisäätiö’s Pakilakoti.

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed informal carers to the end of their tether

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, outpatient services that support informal carers in their work, such as day activities and short-term care, have had to be shut down almost entirely. Places for treatment have only been offered in the most critical situations. All of the informal care families covered by services for the elderly belong to risk groups and have been subjected to the strictest restrictions.

“The restrictions put in place have been effective and we have been able to stunt the spreading of the virus. We can now start to reopen the services gradually and very carefully. We will be opening up more services as soon as possible. We are constantly monitoring the situation,” Director of assessment operations Tuulikki Siltari says.

Informal carers have been contacted

Informal care families have been contacted during the coronavirus pandemic, as well. They have been offered discussion help and peer support, among other things. Those who need help the most will be contacted in the coming days.

“We are reasonably well up to speed on the situation in informal care. We will be contacting informal care families with especially stressful situations in the coming days. Informal care families can also contact their designated worker,” Siltari stresses.

Photo: Maarit Hohteri