Four people standing in a gym.

Service centres and daytime activities closed, at least until the end of October

Service centres will be closed at least until the end of October. Daytime activities for seniors will also not be organised.

The opening of the service centres and seniors’ daytime activities will be reconsidered in October. We will provide further information as soon as possible.

“Coronavirus infections are on the increase in the Helsinki area, and our customers are at risk. We discussed reopening the activities with Epidemiologic Operations and decided that the activities cannot yet resume. The safety of our customers is of the utmost importance to us,” says Director of the Western Service Area Maarit Rautio.

The service centres will offer small-scale group activities, at their discretion, to customers who are seen as needing special support. You can read a news article about the topic (in Finnish) here.

Service centres are open meeting places intended for retired and unemployed people in Helsinki. In the service centres, you can participate in various activity groups, use a gym and receive guidance from a social instructor.

Daytime activities for seniors are organised for groups such as people over 65 living at home and suffering from a memory disorder. Daytime activities also support the well-being of informal carers.

The culture and leisure sector arranges senior sports, which you can read more about here. You can get more information from Seniorinfo Mon-Fri 9:00-15:00 on the number 09 310 44556.

Photo: Oona Kunnasniemi

The article has been updated 15 September regarding sports for seniors within the culture and leisure sector.