Employment councellor speaking with a client.

The supported employment service in Helsinki was awarded a prize by the international Zero Project

The supported employment service in Helsinki received the Innovative Practice/Policy prize of 2021 by Zero Project. The goal of Zero Project is to promote the implementation of the UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The network has over 5,000 experts in 150 countries. A requirement for the award is to pass a multiphase selection process with experts.

“It feels absolutely great that the work of 25 years to promote employment of disabled people gets an international award on this level. Everyone has a right to work and get paid for it”, said the senior employment counsellor Sami Niemi-Ruuth.

“This award belongs not only to the current supported employment team, but also all those who have participated in promoting this – brave and open-minded employers, organisations and network partners, smart decision-makers, previous and current employment counsellors, and above all, our clients”.

Congratulations for the award!

Picture: Hannaleena Luoma