Nurse applies a plaster to a patient’s arm after vaccination.

The booster vaccine can now be taken earlier

Helsinkians can now make the appointment for the second vaccine earlier, after 6 weeks instead of the previous 12 weeks. The booster vaccine can be taken 6–12 weeks after the first vaccine.

There are many people waiting for the booster vaccine in Helsinki. There are a limited number of booster vaccine appointments available in the coming weeks.

The easiest way to change an appointment is at There are instructions on the website for how to change an appointment.

You can also change an appointment by calling the appointment booking for corona vaccinations, tel. (0)9 310 46300 (weekdays from 8.00–18.00). Unfortunately, the appointment booking is currently congested. The appointment booking uses a callback service and callers will be called back.

In Finland the recommendation is to take the second vaccine after 6–12 weeks. We still recommend the 12-week interval. The recommendation is based on the fact that a longer time between the vaccines is proven to improve the effect of the vaccine and the length of the protection.

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