Tips for when you call health stations

The phone messages at health stations in Helsinki have been renewed because of feedback from customers. It can take a bit longer to listen to the messages, but they will serve you more comprehensive than before.

Do like this

  • When you call the health station, pick the language first.
  • After this choose the topic, like renewing a prescription or an urgent matter.
  • In it's a non-urgent matter, enter your phone number and press #.
  • We will call you back as soon as possible.

See instructions for the call-back service (pdf)

You can take care of a lot of matters regarding health and wellfare electronically

You can do an Omaolo symptom check at (in Finnish). If necessary you can get in contact with a health station. Helsinki's e-services are at the address

You can also take care of matters on the spot at the health stations.

You can find phone numbers and other contact information for Helsinki's health stations at the address, under health services.

It's a pleasure doing business with you!