Myllypuro Health station.

Towards Myllypuro health and well-being centre - What is happening with the social and health care services in Myllypuro?

The renovation of Myllypuro health station will be completed in January 2021. The renovation of Kontula health station will take place in spring 2021. Myllypuro will adopt long opening hours in autumn 2021. Kontula and Kivikko health stations will remain in their familiar locations until the end of 2025. We will hold more resident briefings about social and health care services once the pandemic allows. Active improvement of services to better serve our clients will continue in Myllypuro over the next few years.

Myllypuro’s renovation to be completed

The renovation of Myllypuro health station will not cause any more changes to the services in early 2021. However, it may still cause some disruption to clients. The final renovation work in the building will be carried out in January 2021.

Kontula’s renovation to begin

The renovation of Kontula health station will begin on Monday 18 January 2021 and is estimated to be completed at the end of April.

The extensive renovation work that was originally planned for Kontula will not be carried out, because the building will be demolished after 2025. However, small repairs will be done in the building before that to make the facilities healthier and safer for both the clients and the health care professionals.

Kontula health station will continue to provide its normal services during the renovation. We apologise for any disruption caused by the work.

Longer opening hours in autumn

The longer opening hours (weekdays 7–20) planned to start early this year will begin in autumn 2021 at Myllypuro health station. Currently, the health station is open 8–16 on the weekdays.

The change in the plan is a result of the pandemic and the implementation of the Maisa and Apotti systems this spring. Maisa is an e-service channel for the clients, while Apotti is a new client and patient information system used by the health care professionals.

Social services for young people to move from Kontula to Myllypuro

In addition to the change in the opening hours, the social services for young people will move from Kontula to Myllypuro’s health station in autumn 2021.

Kontula’s and Kivikko’s services to remain at their current locations until 2025

Kontula health station’s services will remain at their current address, Ostoskuja 3, until the end of 2025. Kontula’s services will move to Myllypuro, once Myllypuro health station’s expansion is complete. The expansion work in Myllypuro is estimated to start in 2023.

Kontula will continue to provide some social and health care services at the local service point after 2025, but the content and location of future services has not yet been confirmed. The aim is to find new facilities near the current health station.

Additionally, Kivikko health station’s services will stay in the same building at Kivikonkaari 21 until Myllypuro’s expansion is complete, i.e. the end of 2025.  

Extensive range of services

In addition to health station services, Myllypuro’s health and well-being centre will offer social services for young people and adults, dental care, psychiatric and substance abuse services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, services for the disabled and laboratory services, among other things. 

Once completed, the new health and well-being centre will serve not only the residents of Myllypuro, Kontula and Kivikko, but those of Mellunkylä, Vartiokylä and Östersundom as well.

You can give feedback on Myllypuro’s social and health care services at