A young girl sitting on her bed with a laptop in front of her.

Something on your mind? – the chat service for young people is here for you

Helsinki has opened a chat service for young people, the Nuorten chatti, or Young people’s Helsinki, chat service. The service is intended for you, a young resident of Helsinki aged 16–29, and it will initially be open on weekdays 12–16. The chat also serves residents from other municipalities who study in Helsinki and have the right to use the student health care.

Health care and social welfare experts will help you through the chat service. The chat service is a low-threshold way to ask any questions you may have weighing on your mind such as any health, mental health, substance abuse or bullying issues or concerns about work, studies or relationships. You may also just start talking without specifying a theme.

The Nuorten chatti chat offers you a chance to discuss your situation with a professional and, if necessary, find a service suited to your needs together.

You can use the chat anonymously, but you can also authenticate your identity. By authenticating you may make appointments and contact requests and view your own details.

Together with the Young people’s Helsinki website, the Nuorten chatti chat service forms a entity that is truly there to serve the young people of Helsinki. The chat is only available in Finnish for the time being.

Young people – don’t hesitate to contact us! Each and every message is important to us.

The chat is open on weekdays 12–16.

Chat at:


 Picture: Virpi Velin