Youth Station couches.

Youth Station focuses on helping young people with moderate mental health problems and severe substance abuse issues

In the future, you will need a service referral to access the mental health services of the Youth Station.

Starting from 1 August 2022, we will target services at the Youth Station to 13–23-year-old youngsters in Helsinki who are struggling with moderate mental health problems or severe substance abuse issues. You will need a service referral to become a customer of the Youth Station.

You can request a service referral to access the Station's substance abuse and mental health services from your school, the Student Health Care Services or local health station. If you are a customer of Child Welfare Services, your social worker may submit a service referral for you.

In addition, our low-threshold Mental Health Service Unit Mieppi can also submit a service referral for you. Mieppi employs mental health professionals whom you can talk to either in person or remotely.

After assessment, we will direct you to suitable services

If you have previously visited the Youth Station without a service referral or have received a service referral before August 2022, we will assess your need for support and services. In the case of mild mental health problems, turning to local services, such as your school’s multiple-skill student welfare team, might be the most suitable option for you. After making our assessment, we will contact you directly and let you know which service will take you on as a customer.

If you need urgent help before getting a service referral, contact your school or school health care, your local health station, or the Emergency Services.

If you or your nearest friends or family members have questions about mental health problems or substance abuse issues amongst young people, you can call the Youth Station's guidance number. Our telephone service is available on weekdays from 9.00–15.00 at tel. +358 40 688 3377.

Walk-in reception for substance abuse issues at the Youth Station continues as usual

If you are struggling with substance abuse issues, you can come to the Youth Station without an appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.00–13.00. The address is Siltasaarenkatu 4, 6th floor. In addition, the City of Helsinki’s substance abuse outpatient clinics are available for young adults aged 18 and above.

Picture: Virpi Velin