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Independent living trials

Independent living trials allow customers to practise their living skills under individualised guidance for an agreed period of time. The length of living trials ranges from two weeks to two months.

The purpose of living trials is to determine the customer’s capabilities and real independent living skills in order to determine a suitable solution for their future living arrangements. 

To enter a living trial, contact your local social worker to fulfil an Investigation, assessment and placement (SAS) form.

Decisions on living trials are made by the SAS team. As they enter a living trial, customers must have a place to return to after the trial.

Before the beginning of an independent living trial period, the customer is invited to an interview in which the living trial instructor in charge, the customer and a family member or other person close to the customer discuss the objectives of the trial period and the customer’s capabilities. They also define a programme of visits to provide assistance to the customer during the trial period.

Customers entering a living trial commit themselves to this programme and accept to receive the assistance provided during the visits. The assistance is provided by the living unit’s instructors, who also conduct an evaluation.

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