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Personal assistance

Wear a face mask in social and health care services

We recommend that everyone who is 12 years old or older uses a face mask in all social and health care facilities.

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Personal assistance with a service voucher during corona

If a personal assistant gets ill

If a personal assistant gets ill, the provider of the service voucher for personal assistance will arrange for another assistant. If the service voucher provider cannot provide another assistant, please find another service voucher provider here Contact your own social worker if necessary.

On the website, you can compare service providers and find information about your service voucher and how it can be used.

You can get a printed list of service providers from the office secretary of social work for the disabled.

From the office secretary (tel. 09 310 23100) you also get advice about the service voucher and portal.

If you get ill

If you get ill, please inform the service voucher provider.


The service voucher providers take care of purchasing protective gear.

Personal assistance in accordance with the Disability Services Act is provided if the recipient of the assistance is severely disabled. The disabled recipient of personal assistance must be able to express what they want to do and for what activities they want assistance. They must also be able to control any assistance situation.

Personal assistance refers to necessary assistance to a person suffering from a severe disability. Personal assistance is provided at home and outside the home with daily activities, work, studies, leisure activities, participation in public affairs and maintaining social interaction.

An application for the service should be made to the social worker for disability services at the office of disability social work.

Personal assistance is usually organised according to the employer model.

Personal assistance can also be applied for with a service voucher.

Personal aid

Personal aid assists a person with severe disability with daily actions at all hours at home and also outside the home environment for example in work, studies and hobbies.

More about service

Employer model for personal assistance

According to the employer model for personal assistance, the disabled person is the employer or supervisor of the assistant. A severely disabled person acting as an employer chooses and employs the assistant. The employer signs an employment contract with the assistant which defines the assistant’s duties, working hours and other terms of employment.

The employment contract between the employer and the assistant is based on the amount of personal assistance and the reimbursement for the assistant’s work as determined by a social worker.

A personal assistant is employed by a severely disabled person in accordance with the Employment Contracts Act, and not by the municipality. The municipality pays the assistant’s salary according to the so-called "paid assistants’ system" on behalf of the employer based on information provided by the employer.

Employers should direct any questions to the personal assistance social instructor for employer-customers at the disability services social work. 

For questions concerning the recruitment of a personal assistant, employers can contact the personal assistant centre Sentteri (in Finnish).

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