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Childhood and education ▼

         Daycare and pre-primary education
            Daycare options
            Daycare fees
               Daycare fee calculator
               Daycare fees and e-invoicing
            Daycare in daycare centres
               Applying for early childhood education and place allocation
               When early childhood education starts
               Evening and round-the-clock care
               Early childhood education in different languages
               Temporary daycare
               Special support in early childhood education
               Daycare instructions for guardians
               Frequently asked questions
            Family daycare
               Applying to daycare
               Family daycare areas
               Family daycare in the care provider's home
               Group family daycare
               Three-family daycare
            Private daycare
               Private daycare allowance
               Private daycare centres
               Private family daycare
               Private daycare in different languages
               For service providers
            Home care
               Home care allowance and Helsinki supplement
               Hiring a caregiver at home
            Pre-primary education for six year olds
               Welcome to pre-primary education
               Pre-primary education in daycare centres
               Pre-primary education in different languages
               Pre-primary education operating periods
               Pre-primary education obligation
               Pre-primary education social services
               Pre-primary education admissions
               Two-year pre-primary education
            Playgroup clubs
               Applying for playground clubs
            Supported private playgroups
               Application and service voucher
            Playgrounds and other play areas
               Schoolchildren activities in playgrounds
               Renting playground facilities
            Activities for families with children
         Basic education
            Comprehensive school enrolment
               Online enrolment
               Enrolment at school
               Starting school a year later or a year earlier
               Home schooling
            School admission
            What and how do schools teach?
               Assessment of learning
               Language studies
               Basic education in different languages
               Preparatory education
               Voluntary additional basic education
               Religion and ethics instruction
            Student assistance and support
               Student wellbeing
               Support for learning and schoolgoing
               Flexible comprehensive education
               Guidance counselling
               School transport
            Cooperation between school and home
            Moving on from basic education
               Extension of compulsory education
            Morning and after-school activities
               Morning activities
               After-school activities
               Club and hobby activities
         General upper secondary education
            General upper secondary studies
               General upper secondary schools in Helsinki
               Special emphases in upper secondary schools
            Matriculation examination
            Student assistance and support
               Anti-bullying programme
            Preparatory training
            Renewal of curriculum of upper secondary schools
         Vocational education
            Vocational upper secondary qualification
            Other vocational education
            Application to vocational education
            Apprenticeship training
            Student assistance and support
               Anti-bullying programme
            Preparatory training for vocational education
            Workshops for young people
         Polytechnics and universities
            Open universities
            Helsinki Summer University
         Adult education centre
            Registration and courses
            Education locations

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