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City administration ▼

Social services and health care ▼

Maps and transport ▼

         City maps and GIS
            Maps and aerial photographs
            Geographic data materials
               Real estate and municipal register
               Aerial photographs
               Digital maps
               Printed maps
               Open geographic data
            Map sales and permits
               Publishing permits for maps
         Public transport
            Timetables and routes
               Water transport
            Public transport planning
            Parking in Helsinki
            Payment methods and parking fine
            Residential and corporate parking
            Commuter parking
            Parking permits for the disabled
            Vehicle tow-away
               Abandoned vehicles
            Car hotel
         Streets and traffic planning
            Street maintenance
               Winter street maintenance
               In which order are the streets ploughed?
               Cycling in winter
               Street washing in spring
               Summer street maintenance
            Temporary traffic arrangements
            Planning and building
               Transport and traffic plans under preparation
               Street plans under preparation
               Street construction sites
            Traffic safety
            Environmental impacts of traffic
               Carbon dioxide emissions
               Street dust
               Exhaust fumes
            Research and statistics
         Cycling and walking
            Cycling routes
               City cycling routes
            Planning, building and maintenance
               Planning principles
            Bike Centre
            City Bikes
            Promotion of cycling
         Sea and air traffic
               Makasiini Terminal
               Olympia Terminal
               Katajanokka Terminal
               West Terminal 1 and 2
               Hansa Terminal
            Helsinki Airport

Childhood and education ▼

Culture and leisure ▼

Housing and environment ▼

City Executive Office ▼

City Environment Division ▼

Culture and Leisure Division ▼

Education Division ▼

Social Services and Health Care Division ▼

Audit Department ▼

City of Helsinki Service Centre ▼

Financial Management ▼

Helsinki City Transport ▼

Occupational Health Helsinki ▼

Rescue Department ▼

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