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City administration ▼

Social services and health care ▼

         Health services
            Health stations
               Contact information
               Information about call-back service
            Dental care
               Dental clinics and appointments
               Emergency dental care
            Rehabilitation and therapy
               Medical aid services
            Emergency services
               Gynecology and maternity
               Serious accidents and poisonings
               Eyes, ears, sinuses and throat
               Social and crisis emergency services
            Other health services
               Distribution of self-treatment products
               Screening tests
            Self care
         Mental health and substance abuse
            Psychiatric emergency services
            Health stations
            Psychiatric and substance abuse centres
            Day activity centres
               Itiksen Symppis
               Kontula Symppis
               Meeting Place Vesteri
               Day Activity Centre Mesta
               Villa Sture
            Preventive mental and substance abuse work
         Services for families
            Maternity and child health guidance
               Maternity and child health clinics
               Open maternity and child health clinics
            School and student health care
               Contact information
            Home help and work with families
            Special services for families
               Social care work for families with children
               Speech therapy
               Couples' therapy
               Child clinic psychologist
               Infant family services
               Nutrition therapy
            Family counselling
            Family law services
               Child welfare officers
               Mediation in family disputes
               Investigations team
            Child welfare
               Child welfare social services
               Family work and rehabilitation
               Foster families and homes, emergency services
               Family care
               Homes for children and young people
         Disability services
            Support for everyday life
            Health and rehabilitation
            Activities and events
            Participation and day activities
            Training and employment
            Housing services
         Elderly services
            Social and contact work
            Service and recreation centres
            Day activities for the elderly
            Informal care
            Home care
               Contact information
            Elderly housing and institutional services
            Other services
         Social support and livelihood
            Community Centres
               Southern Helsinki
               Eastern Helsinki
               Northern Helsinki
            Information and social services counselling
               Contacting social services or reporting a need for social services
            Allowances and services for the homeless
               Support for housing
               Hietaniemenkatu service centre
            Support and services for immigrants
               Immigration unit
            Housing consultation
            Income support and social work
            Employment support and social rehabilitation
               Work ability assessment
               Rehabilitative work activities
               Social rehabilitation
               Non-institutional work activities
               Pakila work centre
               Uusix workshops
         A - Z
            Electronic services
               The Maisa portal

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