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Information for companies

The City of Helsinki is developing a competitive operating environment for companies and promotes successful business operations within its region. Vital business operations create more jobs and facilitate versatile commercial services. It will also lay a foundation for public services, through increasing the amount of tax revenue.

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The Helsinki for companies site offers all of the City’s services for companies operating or planning to operate in Helsinki. Public calls for tender, business premises, land use planning-related information, as well as statistics information on the economy, are easily available on the site. It also offers a route to guidance and growth services for new or existing companies, entrepreneurship-related municipal permit services, and the City’s employment services.

Company cooperation

Evaluation of the effects on companies

The perspectives of companies are considered in the City’s decision-making processes. The evaluation of the effects on companies can clarify in advance and in a more organised manner the ways in which decisions affect companies and thereby, jobs, for example.
Additional information

Jobs for young people

Through cooperation with companies, the Employment Services of Helsinki’s Economic Development Division aim to find new job opportunities and various working life views for young people, immigrants, and the long-term unemployed.

The cooperation with companies is flexible and versatile, and it takes into consideration the different needs and wishes of companies.

GE Healthcare, healthtechnology, Vallila. Foto: Kuvasuunnittelu- ja Agentuuritoimisto Keksi.

11.10.2019 16:06